Users Configurations

You could put your configuration file under domain. Firstly, it lets other users to see configuration files and use them as a sample to build their own. Secondly, it’s always available online. If you start to work on a new system which doesn’t have your tmux configuration, run command below to get it.

$ curl > ~/.tmux.conf.sample

How submit your file?

You could just clone this project, and add your configuration to static files and then create a merge request for it. When the merge request is merged, it will be always available.

$ git clone
$ cd mytmux/
$ git checkout -b YOUR_USERNAME
$ touch static/YOUR_USERNAME.conf

edit static/YOUR_USERNAME.conf file and save your configuration file.

$ git add static/YOUR_USERNAME.conf
$ git commit -m "added YOUR_USERNAME tmux configuration"
$ git push -u YOUR_USERNAME

Available configuration files

→ azolf.conf